Why Telemarketing Companies Should Recycle Their IT Equipment

Telemarketing companies are on the rise. Their frontliners call households to offer products and services. It is cheaper and more efficient than deploying people to go house-to-house. This practice is used by a wide range of entities, including businesses, charitable organizations, political groups, survey companies, market researchers, and other organizations. Every person behind the phone has their own computer station to check records, log call contents, and fill up forms. They also use these computers to pull up information, answer inquiries, communicate with superiors, create reports, complete training modules, answer emails, and many more. Once these units get older, it would be wise for telemarketing companies to support it equipment recycling

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Colossal Waste

These companies employ a large number of people while serving different clients. These range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of employees calling leads every day. Naturally, the offices have the same number of computer stations. When it's time to replace them, throwing everything in the trash seems like a colossal waste. After all, these are still highly valuable machines made through advanced engineering. The parts contain precious metals and other materials that could still be reused in other forms. Recycling can squeeze more value out of them.  

Mostly Functional

Most companies will replace their computers every four years or so, right when their extended warranty contracts expire. This prevents them from having to worry about replacement parts and repair services when the units encounter troubles. Regular replacement also helps them keep pace with modern technologies and reap their benefits. New computers are generally more energy efficient, so they can reduce their consumption. They are also faster in terms of processing speed, data transfers, and storage options. However, that doesn't mean that the old units are useless. Most of them are still quite functional. They are highly welcome in charitable institutions, underprivileged homes, and similar places. 

Environmental Impact

The computers, monitors, mice, phones, and headsets in telemarketing offices are safe to use. However, they do contain hazardous substances in their circuitry that may harm the environment if they were simply sent to the landfills. The toxic chemicals can get into the soil and eventually make their way to the waters. These can damage the environment and harm animals in the vicinity. It may not happen right away, but the ecological damage is certain. Recycling prevents this by giving a new life for old IT equipment. Recycling facilities can also extract the potentially harmful elements from the circuits and turn them into raw materials that manufacturers can reuse.  

Resource Conservation

Since manufacturers can reuse the aluminium, copper, and other metals from the recycled units, they do not have to depend heavily on miners to extract new ores from the mountains and other mining pits. This helps in conserving out natural resources and reduces environmental destruction. Even the plastics may be recycled into new desktop and laptop chassis, or other products that need this versatile material. Recycling is a great way for telemarketing companies to practice corporate social responsibility.