A Chance Encounter with Katie Sigmond (2024)

It's Friday night and after a long week, you and some of your boys head out to the beach for a night of eating, drinking and unwinding. After a quick drive, you arrive at the Nobu in Newport Beach and head inside. As you follow the hostess to your table, something, or rather someone, catches your eye.

That someone is Katie Sigmond, someone you became quite familiar with a while back, and now here she is, at the same restaurant as you by pure coincidence. You do a double take after seeing her, making sure your eyes aren't deceiving you, and she does the same, staring back at you as you sit down just a few tables away from her and her girlfriends.

After a few minutes, you order your drinks and start talking with your friends. Still, you and Katie keep glancing at eachother, before eventually you lock eyes, and you watch as she mouths something to you. You're pretty sure she said "bathroom", so after she gets up and heads that way, you wait a minute or two and follow her.

You peek your head into the women's room and whisper;

You - "Katie, you in here?"

Katie - "Yeah, come on it's empty."

You step inside and find Katie sitting on the counter waiting for you.

You - Hey... What are the odds, right?"

Katie - "Yeah, almost like you're stalking me or something..."

You - "Ha... You know what they say... Small world I guess."

Katie - "uh huh... Sure thing."

You - "Anyways... You look nice tonight..."

Katie - "Thanks, you look pretty hot too."

You - "uh thanks..."

Katie - "And so do your friends..."

You - "Wha-"

Katie - "Hey, be honest with me... How often do you think of that night with Jordyn and I?"

You - "Like... A lot... One of the best nights of my life for sure..."

Katie - "hm... I think about it a lot too... And seeing you here suddenly... your friends... my mind is racing with ideas..."

You - "I thing I'm gonna like where this is going..."

Katie - "I think you will too..."

She grabs your shirt and pulls you towards her, and starts making out with you in the ladies room, without a care in the world.

After a short but intense makeout session, you break free from Katie's lips.

You -"Right here?"

Katie - "No... My place is close."

You - "What are we waiting for then..."

You pull Katie off the counter off her feet and start heading to the door.

Katie - "Wait... I was wondering... You know... Last time... There was me and Jordyn... So..."

You - "I've never seen you so flustered before... It's adorable."

Katie - "Shut up... it's... hard to ask."

You - "You want me to bring one of my friends back to your place so we can f*ck you? Is that what you're trying to ask?"

Katie - "I mean... Yeah pretty much. But like, if you aren't cool with that then it can just be me and you... As long as me and you are there it'll be a good time."

You - "I've never been propositioned like this before... I'm flattered."

Katie - "Shut up... So... What're you feeling?"

You - "I don't know... Can I think on it?"

Katie - "Sure... Me and the girls will probably be done in like... 20 minutes. I'll be waiting by my car for you."

You - "Cool... Is there, one of my friends in particular that caught your eye?"

Katie - "Not really, they're all hot... Who's got the biggest dick?"

You - "We don't... Really talk about that stuff."

Katie - "Really? Girls talk about their tit* all the time... Well then... I don't know... Just pick someone you think can keep up with me."

You - "I'll try my best."

Katie - "Alright, see you soon baby... Don't keep me waiting."

She kisses you again and playfully grabs your crotch as she walks past you and back out into the restaurant, leaving you alone in the ladies room with your thoughts.

You make sure the coast is clear before sneaking back into the dining room and back to your table where your friends are all talking amongst themselves.

John - "Yo, see that blonde chick over there? Isn't that that one IG thot? Katie... Katie something..."

Devin - "Sigmond? The one with the crazy ass?"

John - "Yeah... that one. That's her right?"

Tyler - "That's definitely her."

Devin - "You must have walked right passed her by the bathroom bro, did you chat her up?"

You - "Huh? No... I didn't see her. Definitely didn't chat her up."

Kyle - "Smart... She seems like a stuck up bitch anyways..."

Tyler - "You've never even met her bro, how the f*ck would you know."

John - "Nah he's right, total bitch energy."

Tyler - "Shut up. Dev?"

Devin - "Seems like a c*nt bro."

You - "Hot though.."

All - "Crazy f*cking hot..."

Your friends keep bickering while you think things over, and soon enough Katie finishes off her wine, then says by to her friends. She glances over to you as she stands up and your eyes meet again, she winks at you and gives you a sly smile before she turns around and heads for the exit.

Kyle - "Bro that bitch totally just f*cking winked at me!"

Devin - "Shut the f*ck up, she did not!"

Kyle - "She totally did! John you saw that sh*t right?"

John - "I saw her wink, not at you tho..."

Tyler - "Why do even care, since she's such a stuck up bitch?"

Kyle - "Bro look at that f*cking ass... You think I'd care about her attitude while she's backing it up on me?"

Devin - "Yeah well she didn't wink at you dude, sorry."

Tyler - "Yo, why are you so quiet?"

John - "Don't tell me you're thinking of running after her bro... I'd hate to see you get shot down like that..."

You - "Man f*ck you guys. I'm going after her. Wish me luck.

Devin - "You're crazy man..."

John - "haha f*ck... Good luck brother."

Kyle - "Ask her if she winked at me bro!"

Follow Katie outside

A Chance Encounter with Katie Sigmond (2024)


Who is Katie on Nelk? ›

Katie Sigmond was born on 2 August 2002 in the USA. She is an actress, known for Salim the Dream (2019), Nelk Boys (2019) and One Night with Steiny (2023).

What is Katie Sigmond famous for? ›

She is known for her fitness, beauty, travel, and lip-sync videos on social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. Katie was part of the all-girl collaborative known as Not a Content House but later joined the Clubhouse group founded by Daisy Keech and Abby Rao.

Who started Nelk with Kyle? ›

They are known for their prank videos, vlogs, and their brand Full Send Entertainment. The group's founders, Kyle Forgeard, and Jesse Sebastiani, have been referred to as "two of the most recognizable personalities for young people in North America".

Does Kyle from NELK have a sister? ›

Kyle Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He grew up with his parents, Rick and Gayle Forgeard, and has a sister named Chantal.

Who is manager Drew Nelk? ›

Drew Hill: Manager Drew.

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